Mr R. H

I met my Australian partner overseas where we were both living. Soon enough, we moved in together, although under local law, a non-married couple cannot have any joint ownership/tenancy. Six years later, we decided to apply for a Partner (Permanent) Visa. Naturally, we started the process by searching for a well renowned and experienced immigration agency whom we can rely on, not only in providing us with accurate legal advice regarding our (not so straightforward) case but also the best execution possible. CNA immigration, led by Charbel Nehme, emerged as a natural choice.

More specifically, following our lengthy conversation with Charbel about the specifics of our case, he was able to lay out to us in a very clear and professional manner, the specifics surrounding the application process, the expected timeline (for an onshore vs. an offshore application), etc. and of course, and perhaps more importantly, all the documentation required in order to prove the fact that we, as a couple, were indeed living together in spite of a) the fact that our legal tenancy contract was under one name (and not two), b) the absence of joint bank accounts.

Throughout the entire application process, I was very much impressed by the high level of professionalism, diligence, and quick turnover shown by Charbel across the board. Also, he always seemed to go the extra mile, by for example giving us “color” on what a request from the Australian embassy really implied, once the application has been lodged.

As a result of the extensive documentation collected and overseen by CNA Immigration, we were all positively surprised when the Partner (Permanent) Visa was granted in just less than a 6 month period! We strongly recommend Charbel and the team as your “go to” migration agent, as you will certainly be met with a tailored high quality service!