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    Monique Mo

    Charbel has a truly unique approach where he can find viable solutions to complex or even seemingly impossible immigration situations.

    Persistent, patient and hard working, his insights into immigration law are second to none – you would be sure to have a powerful ally on your side. during your application process.

    I was very impressed with the depth of our conversations, the sage advice on how to comply with the official requirements and the comprehensive report with insights that would suit our family’s particular circumstances – what a great value for money!

    A pleasure to speak with, I highly recommend Charbel.

    If you are after a switched on and sharp migration agent who genuinely loves what he does and the people he is serving, he is your man!

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    Kevin Jacobsen (OAM) – Medal of the Order of Australia

    My name is Kevin Jacobsen and I am the producer for the Chris Brown F.A.M.E tour of Australia. Throughout my career, I have produced concerts in Australia for some of the biggest names in music, including, but not limited to – Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, The BeeGees, The Three Tenors, KISS, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Marley, Shania Twain, Billy Joel, John Denver, Pearl Jam, Cyndi Lauper, Julio Iglesias, Barry Manilow, Meat Loaf, Olivia Newton-John, Peter Allen, Sammy Davis Jr, Usher in 2003 in addition to shows like Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, outdoor stadium productions of the opera AIDA and Turandot which included many international artists, Walt Disney World on Ice, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Fame and Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage.

    I have been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia O.A.M medal for my services to the performing arts and entertainment industry in addition to many established industry awards.

    Charbel Nehme and I met through a mutual acquaintance where the issues surrounding Chris Brown’s past were discussed when at the time, it appeared very unlikely that he would ever make it to Australia.

    Charbel’s opinion on the matter at all times was based on what is stated in the law and he was able to provide us with clear advice that instilled confidence in us all. Not a single cent was to be spent on the Chris Brown production until all parties were satisfied that Chris Brown was able to obtain an Australian visa. To mitigate the risk, Charbel suggested we submit a valid sponsorship, nomination and visa application for Chris Brown only, citing the circumstances and requesting an immediate referral to the Character Unit for consideration of Chris Brown’s conduct.

    We adhered to Charbel’s advice, and as a result, Chris Brown was cleared by the Character Unit where consequentially his application was referred back to the immigration department for continued processing.

    In addition to the character clearance, Charbel co-ordinated forty business nomination and forty visa applications for the group of individuals who will support Chris Brown in Australia – comprised of musicians, dancers, management staff and other personnel who are being employed in support of this tour.

    From what I observed, Charbel worked tirelessly around the clock to deal with Chris Brown’s management in requesting, reviewing and obtaining a great deal of visa information that was required to meet Australian immigration requirements and processing deadlines. Anyone who is involved in media and entertainment is working in a cut-throat business. Either you succeed or you fail.

    Charbel’s success in working on the Chris Brown matter has resulted in over $5 million worth of economic stimulus in Australia. As a result, I recommend and will continue to recommend Charbel’s immigration services to all those who require assistance, and I will most definitely retain Charbel’s services should I require any future support.

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    Theodore Moradides

    CNA Immigration service was one of the finest. They deliver and for us they delivered pretty fast.

    Honesty, integrity and professionalism are the qualities that we appreciate and we found them at CNA Immigration.

    Charbel was always present, promptly replying and handling the case with extreme professionalism. He is a man of his word, sincere, honest and dedicated to his clients from day one.

    We would not hesitate to highly recommend CNA Immigration to any of our friends or family.

    Wishing CNA prosperity and additional success for the years to come.

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    Sherry Sharif

    Charbel Nehme has provided advice and guidance during a difficult situation I had after rejection of my sister’s first medical visa application. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest.

    Charbel helped us to address all criteria required by the immigration office and my sister’s medical visa granted in second time. 

    I would highly recommend Charbel to anyone seeking advice in this regard. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to contact CNA migration services. 

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    Chowdhury Md Yousuf

    Charbel is very professional and he never broke his promises. Over the last couple of years, he was handling my immigration case and truly, I must he was very honest and polite person. He always communicates well and clear about visa requirements.

    I find he has sound knowledge on Immigration laws and legislations. Great working with you.

    I wish him all the best.

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    Mr R. H

    I met my Australian partner overseas where we were both living. Soon enough, we moved in together, although under local law, a non-married couple cannot have any joint ownership/tenancy. Six years later, we decided to apply for a Partner (Permanent) Visa. Naturally, we started the process by searching for a well renowned and experienced immigration agency whom we can rely on, not only in providing us with accurate legal advice regarding our (not so straightforward) case but also the best execution possible. CNA immigration, led by Charbel Nehme, emerged as a natural choice.

    More specifically, following our lengthy conversation with Charbel about the specifics of our case, he was able to lay out to us in a very clear and professional manner, the specifics surrounding the application process, the expected timeline (for an onshore vs. an offshore application), etc. and of course, and perhaps more importantly, all the documentation required in order to prove the fact that we, as a couple, were indeed living together in spite of a) the fact that our legal tenancy contract was under one name (and not two), b) the absence of joint bank accounts.

    Throughout the entire application process, I was very much impressed by the high level of professionalism, diligence, and quick turnover shown by Charbel across the board. Also, he always seemed to go the extra mile, by for example giving us “color” on what a request from the Australian embassy really implied, once the application has been lodged.

    As a result of the extensive documentation collected and overseen by CNA Immigration, we were all positively surprised when the Partner (Permanent) Visa was granted in just less than a 6 month period! We strongly recommend Charbel and the team as your “go to” migration agent, as you will certainly be met with a tailored high quality service!   

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    Laura Roxanne Stephenson

    We faced one of the most difficult times in our lives as a family, early this year; had an impossible restriction on our visa but Charbel @ CNA Immigration went above and beyond and secured a waiver of that restriction- nothing short of a miracle. 

    When some friends of ours needed an agent who could handle the impossible we wholeheartedly recommended Charbel Nehme. “Thank you” could never express our gratitude.

    It’s because of your ‘never say die’ attitude that we were able to remain in Australia awaiting our permanent visas. God bless you personally and extend that blessing to all who work at CNA Immigration.

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    Gina Roumanous

    Being based in the USA and finding someone we could trust in Australia was proving difficult until I researched CNA Immigration.

    From the beginning, Charbel was understanding and helpful. Throughout the almost 2 year-long process, all over email, we worked together to supply all the paperwork needed. Charbel was extremely helpful and took time to answer any questions i had, day or night.

    More importantly, when the consulate took over 12 months to approve the visa and the documentation began to expiry, it was Charbel who partitioned them to extend the validity for us hence prompting the approval not long after.

    When personal issues also required me to return to Australian earlier, Charbel was extremely helpful and empathetic, reaching back out to the consulate on our behalf. Overall I would highly recommend Charbel and CNA Immigration, you will not be disappointed.

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    Priscilla Absi

    CNA immigration service was more than perfect.

    The immigration process took more than 3 years, and throughout this period, Charbel and his team were very patient and professional. They always made sure to show us all options, put us in the loop what to expect, and even give us the estimated period to each step of the process. They always reply promptly without any delay. 

    One thing that was really impressive, and that was different from all other agencies, is that Charbel always makes sure to reflect the reality without highering the customer expectations. He studies each and every file he receives before even starting the process, let you know what to expect, so you chose if you wanna continue with the process or not.

    We are very glad to have chosen CNA, and gotten with their help the permanent resident. We highly highly recommend their service.