188 Business Innovation & Investment (Significant Investor) Visa

The Significant Investor Visa provides a pathway to permanent residency for business people who want to own and manage a business or to make an investment in Australia.

Significant Investor Visa

The Significant Investor Stream of the Business Innovation & Investment visa is for applicants who are able to invest at least AUD 5 million in a complying significant investment in Australia for at least four years.

Benefits of the Significant Investor Visa

  • no age limit
  • no points test
  • no English language requirement
  • reduced residence requirements

Visa Applicant Requirements

  • you must be nominated either by Austrade, or by an Australian State or Territory government agency. You must intend to live in your nominating State or Territory.
  • you must have net assets of at least AU$5 million, which are legally acquired, unencumbered, and can be used to make your complying investment in Australia.
  • you must not have been involved in unacceptable business or investment activities.

If you are in a relationship, the net assets of your spouse or de facto partner will help you meet the Significant Investor Visa requirements.

Complying Investment

Significant Investor Visa applicants must:

  • invest at least AU$5 million into a complying significant investment in Australia.
  • be prepared to hold this investment for at least four years.
  • you must be committed to maintaining business or investment activity in Australia after this investment matures.

The complying investment must be made:

  • directly in your name or
  • through a company in which you own the total amount of issued shares, or
  • through a valid trust for which you are the trustee, and you are the beneficiary

The complying significant investment must include:

  • at least AU$500,000 invested in venture capital funds or growth private equity funds that invest in start-ups and small private companies, and
  • at least AU$1.5 million invested in eligible managed funds or Listed Investment Companies (LICs) that invest in emerging companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and
  • a ‘balancing investment’ of up to AU$3 million invested in funds or LICs that may invest in a range of eligible assets.

Eligible assets for your complying investment include:

  • securities of a company, a real estate investment trust or an infrastructure trust quoted on the ASX.
  • bonds or notes issued by a company that is quoted on the ASX.
  • annuities issued by Australian-registered life companies.
  • Australian real estate. Direct investment in residential property is excluded and limited to 10 percent indirect investment in residential real estate as part of the fund’s net assets.
  • cash held by Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions.
  • derivatives.

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